Policy and mission


FIMM is the federation of national societies, worldwide, of physicians who practice Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine MM Medicine). 

MM Medicine is the true medical discipline of the most common causes of pain and disability, namely the reversible dysfunctions of the locomotor system and especially the spine.

MM Medicine completes and complements the syllabus of both undergraduate and postgraduate education and training of physicians.

MM Medicine is a specific help for the individual as well as economical for social expenditure.

Guido Brugnoni, Italy • Timo Rousi, Finland • Andrzej Sadowski, Poland •  Peter Skew, UK • Bernard Terrier, Switzerland •  Marie-José Teyssandie, France • Hans Tilscher, Austria • Wolfgang von Heymann, Germany


accepted by the FIMM General Assembly 2005
• Introduction
• Definition and goals
• Definition of FIMM
  Strategies and methods
• Internal structure
• Position and role for
  FIMM in health care
• Resources
Elaborated by the FIMM Policy Committee 2005*