Lecture 9

Machine Based Training in the Musculoskeletal practice

  • Dr. Henk Bultman

    Orthopaedic Medicine (Ciriax)
    Diploma of Manual Medicine
    General Practitioner

Medisch Centrum ForceMed
Polikliniek Musculoskeletale Geneeskunde Eindhoven
NL-5654 KN Eindhoven


MC ForceMed is a multidisciplinary medical practice with focus on Musculoskeletal Medicine. Since 2004 Henk Bultman specialized in medical strength training (MST), both for diagnostic as well as therapeutic purposes.

Besides that MC ForceMed offers also preventive strength training (PST).

For both MST as well as PST we use machine based training.

First we worked with MedX Machine and since 2 years we are changing to use the David Health System.

In my lecture I will tell about MST and PST as an evidence based method, used in addition to MM treatment.

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1992-2008 General practitioner, Bergeijk, Netherlands

2000 Graduation from postgraduate course in Orthopaedic Medicine (Ciriax), Antwerp, Belgium

2000-2004 Education an training in Manual Medicine

2004 Diploma of Manual Medicine

Since 2004 Physician in Manuel Medicine, parttime activity

2004 Head of the Medical Department of Kieser Training®, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Since 2008 Fulltime activity as a physician in Manual Medicine

2008-2012 Involvement at the Outpatient Clinic Manual Medicine Eindhoven, Netherlands

2008 Establishment of MC ForceMed

2012 Owner and Director of the Outpatient Clinic Manual Medicine Eindhoven, Netherlands 

2008-2021 Member of the Board of the Dutch Society for Manual Medicine (NVAMG)

2011-2020 President of the Dutch Society for Manual Medicine (NVAMG)

As President I was to integrate MM in the regular Medicine system of the Netherlands. 

Since 2014 Member of the FIMM Health Policy Board

2017-2018 Member of the FIMM Executive Board

Since 2018 President of FIMM