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FIMM is recognized as the international federation, disseminating knowledge and expertise integrating Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine to Health Care.




Success and Confidence Treating Musculoskeletal Pain
The conference is from Friday 05/11/2021 – Sunday 07/111/2021 at Inn at Laurel Point, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA
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FIMM is an International Medical Association comprised of individual national societies of similar philosophical beliefs and practices. It is a non-profit organisation representing 23 national societies. Through scientific and educational channels, together with evidence-based research, FIMM aims to create consistently high standards in the practice of Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine world-wide.

For a large group of patients with musculoskeletal disorders, the healthcare systems of many countries do not deliver an adequate service either in a timely fashion or at all. This unmet need, in many countries, leads to unnecessarily prolonged suffering and disability, together with economic consequences due lo loss of productivity and drains on welfare, where it is available, as well as inappropriate medical costs.

Identifying this unmet need has led FIMM to devise a training program in order to produce a medical specialist capable and competent to satisfy the requirements of this large patient group, in a focused, timely, evidence-based and economical manner.

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Postponed to Oct. 27th - 30th, 2022    



Pain treatment in MM Medicine

October 23th, 2021
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